Parkinson’s disease a danger to old person’s health

As a person gets older he/she experiences different kinds of body problems, examples are eye sight problems, hearing problems, and even body movement problems. Do you know that the slow movement of the body or simply being stiff is a sign of a disease that commonly strikes old people, the disease called Parkinson’s disease.

A Parkinson’s Disease, just like other diseases that strikes old people, is also a progressive disease that worsen as time passes by. As said earlier this disease is a progressive disease that affects the persons’ physical movement. This is because the disease attacks        the neurons that are found in persons’ brain, these neurons are nerve cells that have the capability of sending information from a part of the body to the brain, it can be compared to as the electric wire that connects a television from an electric socket in order for it to attain power.

There are many symptoms of a person having Parkinson’s disease that an old person can experience, symptoms that worsen as time progresses. With all of the possible symptoms of having a Parkinson’s disease, there are four most common symptoms that the one affected has a large chance of experiencing; inevitable tremor of hand, arms and other body parts, slow movement of the body, stiffness of some parts of the body especially the limbs and lastly in ability for the body to coordinate its movement. Up to now there is still no cure for the Parkinson’s disease however there are certain medications that can help lessen the effect of its symptoms.

some effects of Parkinson's disease

some effects of Parkinson’s disease

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Cancer is one of the well known, most feared and most dangerous disease that will surely be a major problem to the health of a person who has been infected with it. This disease can infect a person as early as toddler, however it is the old adults or elders that has the higher rate of infection, compared to other age groups, making it one of the most dangerous disease for an old person.

A fact about Cancer is that it is defined as a disease where in there is an uncontrollable mutation or growth of a human cell within the body, commonly originates from a persons’ organ. A single cancer disease is consist of different cancer cells, cancer cells that differ from one another in terms of the kinds of disease it carries. These cancer cells can also migrate to the different parts of the body if not prevented immediately; the migration of the cancer cells is possible when the cells pass through the blood veins and lymph system. There are many kinds of cancer, their names are being based to where they first originated within the human body. The most common types of cancer that affects older people now a days are prostate cancer, lung cancer, bowel cancer and kidney cancer.

There are already some medications in treating cancer cells it called chemotherapy, however, chemotherapy does not really assure to eliminate cancer, due to the fact that it is composed of different diseases certain types of chemotherapy must be done in order to figure out the perfect combination that would heal the diseases. So basically, it is a trial and error method.

Cancer patient

Cancer patient

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Effect of Diabetes on elders

One of the favorite foods that people prefer to eat are sweets, whether it is a cake, cupcakes, ice creams or just simple candies, the attraction of a human being to sweets cannot be compared to any other food. However as we know too much sweets is dangerous for a person’s health, especially during the old adult stage. There are numerous health conditions that can affect old adults wherein the intake of too much sweets can cause one of those health condition, which is called Diabetes.

Diabetes is a health condition where in the amount of sugar/glucose that is present in the body of a person is high, with the high sugar content the human body higher than average the body experiences in ability to produce enough insulin. Insulin helps regulates the cycle of glucose in a person’s blood. However, the effect of diabetes to the body of a human being can be clearly seen as time progresses where in the immune system of the body lowers during the elderly stage. An old person with diabetes can trigger different health issues. One of the health issues that Diabetes can trigger is heart disease, where in the increase of the amount of glucose increases the bad cholesterol in a person’s body that results fatty deposits to build up and block the arteries that the blood uses as pathways. Other health complication that diabetes can bring to the person who is diabetic is kidney failure, problem in the nervous system, eye sight problems and foot problems, all of the said complication needed time to develop therefore it will be most likely affect the human body when the person is already a senior or old.

one of the causes of Diabetes, chocolates

one of the causes of Diabetes, chocolates

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Three kinds of Arthritis old people suffer from

One of the most common diseases that old people suffer from is Arthritis. Arthritis is a disease that involves the inflammation, wearing down or even the excavation of the joints, the joints that connects one bone to another.There are more than 100 kinds of arthritis that not just old people can suffer from but also middle aged once, however the most common arthritis that old person suffers from are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Gout.

Osteoarthritis occurs when the joint cartilage present especially in a person’s hands, hips, knees and spine wears down or degrades. Osteoarthritis is also a progressive disease where in if not treat it can cause the joint cartilage to completely wear down that will leave bones rubbing at each other. Rheumatoid Arthritis, on the other hand, occurs when there is a joint inflammation present within the joint cartilage. The inflammation occurs when the body’s immune system malfunction causing its immune system to attack the body itself.The last common Arthritis that old person suffers from is Gout. Gout occurs when there is an excess amount of uric acid in the blood resulting it to build up into crystals, these crystals usually build up in joints, especially the big toe and ankle joints. The built up crystals irritates the tissue within the joints hence causing pain and inflammation.

Indeed, having arthritis is a major health issue for old people, however, there are already certain treatments not to totally cure it but to lessen the pain experienced and prevent it from worsening. Some ways are by doing certain medications, surgeries and especially physical therapies.



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Alzheimer’s disease, most common dementia for old adults

Dementia, defined as a one of that type of mental disorder that is caused by a brain disease or a certain head injury,  can result to memory loss and a change in a person’s behavior and personality. Dementia is usually said to be the common sign when a person is already getting old, where in the person usually forgets important things that about the persons’ lives, the most common example is forgetting the names of the persons’ family member. There are many kinds of dementia; however the most common dementia that affects the elderly community is the Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease does not really make the person forget an event or a person at an instant, it is a progressive disease that worsens as time pass by. At first, a person cannot remember things that happened to him/her recently including people he/she met for the past weeks or month. Then as the disease worsens, the person might not be able to remember his/her family members and may also affects his/her communication skills, this is in terms of reading, writing and even speaking. However this is not yet the worse stage of the Alzheimer’s disease it can also totally erase the persons memory leaving him/her lost in this world, resulting for him/her to leave home and wander along the streets, but the disease does not yet stop from there after a period of time the person affected by it will eventually die because of the disease itself. The most disturbing part about the Alzheimer’s disease is that until now there is still not cure for it, however there are already medicine that could help to slowdown the worsening of the disease, but I cannot totally cure it.

Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer’s disease

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An exercise a day makes elders feel okay

One thing that is inevitable in a person’s life is growing up, from being born as baby up to being a senior or an elderly; it’s what people call the cycle of life. During that cycle of life, a person will experience different problems, from problem in school, love, family, money and especially one thing that will always be present up especially during a person’s elderly years which is the problem on health. Indeed there are health problems that can affect a person if he/she does not know how to take care of himself/herself especially when they are already old.

Exercising regularly is surely a solution to prevent having complications not only during the elderly year but even in a person’s early years in his/her life. Being an old person with a proper exercise routine will help the body physically because exercising improves the body’s immune function, making them less capable of being sick compared to a person that does not really exercise regularly. Another reason why exercising can help an elderly person to have a healthy lifestyle is that exercising improves a person’s heart health and body pressure, which are some main factors which if not maintained, health can result to different health complications.

Some of the exercises that old people can do are simply biking, dancing, jogging, walking and even just properly stretching will do. By doing some of the said exercises a person will surely improve his/her breathing and heart rate, improve his/her balance which will lessen the chance of falling and be more flexible.

old couple jogging

old couple jogging

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A proper diet, solution to health complications for seniors

As people grow, there are different health issues that occur in their lives, health complications like heart problems,  breathing problems and many more. For some people, they think that these health complications are inevitable and just a part of the cycle of life. However there are some ways in order to lessen the chance of experiencing these kinds of problems and to live a long healthy life.

One of the most common solution in order lessen the chance of attaining the said health complications earlier is by eating the right meal if not always, most of the time. During a person’s teenage years to his/her middle years, people are most likely to eat whatever they want, examples are junk food, sweets and fatty foods, indeed the effect of those kinds of food cannot be felt during the early years however if this eating habit continues it will surely have an effect during the senior years, wherein these bad eating habit may cause them health complications. That is why to avoid experiencing these health complications a person must know how to eat a proper meal that is suit for his/her age. He/she should plan a proper diet that contains healthy food like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and especially fat-free product. In addition to the healthy food that were said earlier, an ideal diet for a senior does not include soft drinks or other drinks that contains high calories, and instead of having soft drinks, it is suggested that the person drinks purified or distilled water instead.

Proper meal for seniors

Proper meal for seniors

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Coronary heart disease as one of the conditions affecting the health of the elders

As a person grows old, his/her body’s immune system decreases and without a proper lifestyle his/her body becomes more vulnerable to different kinds of sickness or diseases. That is why during a person’s elderly years he/she experiences different kind of health issues. One of the most commonly experienced health problems by an old adult is the coronary heart disease.

Coronary heart disease happens when fatty deposits builds up inside the coronary arteries, which lessens or even blocks the supply of the oxygenated blood that is ought to enter the heart. A coronary heart disease is usually caused by eating too much food with high cholesterol, lack of exercise, stress and depression and it can also be passed genetically if there was already a record of a family member having the same disease in the past. The reason why this disease commonly strikes old adults is not only because their immune system is low, but also it takes time for the fatty deposit to thicken, however even if it takes time to thicken its symptoms cannot be easily identified until you experience consecutive chest pains or worse, heart attacks. Which means when its symptoms starts to show up, the fatty deposits present in the coronary arteries of the person is already thick thus making things more complicated and in need of immediate medication. There are ways to cure coronary heart disease this is first by changing your own lifestyle into a more healthier one, but since the fatty deposits are already affecting the person’s blood circulation immediate medication must also be taken in addition to the proper lifestyle. So therefore in order to prevent fatty deposits from building up, a person should live a proper life style as early as possible.

Parts of a human heart

Parts of a human heart

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Cancer and Seniors

There is more and more attention given to cancer prevention and vaccination lately which is a wonderful thing. Cancer remains one of the top three killers worldwide so it is important that this disease gets talked about and taken seriously by everyone from all ages.

Perhaps we can thanks Angelina Jolie and Giuliana Rancic for the spotlight specifically on breast and ovarian cancer lately. Angelina Jolie recently shared with the public her decision to undergo an operation for a double mastectomy because she found she carried a gene that increased her risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer to 80%. Giuliana Rancic was also very open about her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment on her E! reality show.

But apart from these high profile cases, it is important that everyone get educated about the different cancers, get the vaccinations available for prevention, and get regularly checked. These steps go a long way toward increasing life expectancy and decreasing risk of developing the disease.

Getting Daily Exercise

As you grow older, you begin to think more and more about your health and overall fitness. The ideal thing would be to think of this and build this from your twenties, even earlier. But realities of life, work, and family often overshadow this. If you find yourself at the doorstep of your twilight years, as they call it, and feel unfit, do not fret. The good thing is that it is never too late to get into the habit of exercise.

First recognize that you are not in your twenties so, unless you really have been taking care to stay fit since then, chances are you will not enjoy or even be able to fully do high impact classes like Zumba or pole dancing. Choose something that you can manage at your age and fitness level. Classes like Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, activities like swimming and walking are some of the many exercises that you can take to improve fitness in your senior years.

Whatever you choose, getting daily exercise will surely be good for you.