Being healthy at your senior stage

As a person grows older he/she becomes more vulnerable to the different diseases that he/she may attained, some of those diseases may just be a normal sickness that can be treated easily but some are major sickness that may even limit a person’s life span. So it is always best to prevent attaining these diseases, whether if it is a normal sickness or a major sickness, a person must concentrate in leaving a healthy lifestyle as he/she grows up. If a person lives a healthy life style the chances of him/her becoming sick is decreased for more than a half and there will be a great increase in  terms of the life span.

So how can a person live a healthy lifestyle and to be able attain the benefits in living like that. Living a healthy life style as a senior may not be as easy as it looks, especially if a person was not really expose to these kind of life style during his/her early years. In general, living a healthy life style consists of having an exercise almost everyday, the exercise can be more of a stretching or if the person finds it difficult to stretch his/her body a simple jogging or walking in the park will do. It is not just the exercise that a person needs to be healthy, but also depends on the type of food that he/she eats the right kind of food, like foods with high vitamin contents and proteins, must be eaten that would give him/her the boost in immune system that will be required to fight the diseases that can infect him/her.


Be Healthy

Be Healthy

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Loss of hearing

As a person gets old, different changes occurs on his/her body changes like growing from a baby to a toddler to being a kid and so on until he/she is already old. However changes in  a persons’ body does not only means increasing in size or weight, as a person gets older he/she can also decrease some functions of his/her body. One of the most common problem that a person experiences as he/she grows is that the decrease of a person’s capability of hearing or simply loss of hearing.

Hearing is one of the senses of a persons body that a person uses at the very exact time he/she was born into this world, that is why losing this sense will surely bring a large effect to the person. However unlike the sense of sight that could just be removed with a snap of a finger, the sense of hearing cannot. As a person ages his/her sense of hearing decreases until to a point where in he/she can no longer hear a thing which usually happens during his/her senior stage. This is one of the problems that an elder experience now a days luckily the losing the sense of hearing can be slowed down or even prevented nowadays. There are certain precautions that would lessen the possibility of having a loss of hearing, some of the precautions are avoid listening to loud noises it does not matter if it is a music or a construction sounds being expose to those kind of thing increase the chances of having a problem hearing. Another precaution that can prevent the loss of hearing to worsen is to immediately see a doctor if a person is already experiencing a decrease in hearing capacity because it will surely worsen if medications are not immediately applied.

problem hearing

problem hearing

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Eye Problems in Seniors

One inevitable thing that is always present in a person’s life is change. There can be many kinds of change that a person will experience as he/she grows some are a person’s mood, a person’s voice, person’s hair style and one of the change that happens to a person that everyone must be alert on is the change of health condition. As a person grows old, he/she will be more open to different kinds of sickness and his/her immune system will decrease that will also cause some parts of his/her body to malfunction.

One of the common changes that a person experience as he/she grows older is eye problem, having an eye problem usually causes that persons eye sight to be vain, to experience difficulty adjusting to glare and not to be able to distinguishing some colors. Sometimes if these eye problem worsen there is a high chance that it can cause this person’s eye sight to be eliminated leaving that person blind.

The consequence of having eye problems might be too much and too serious however attaining these eye problems can still be prevented if the person will practice the proper life style that would surely keep the eyes healthy. This lifestyle is composed of eating meals with high vitamin B that will help improve the condition of the eyes and another way is by having a regular eye check through this the person will be able to identify if he/she is already experiencing eye problems and he/she can now prevent it from worsening.

parts of an eye

parts of an eye

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Health issues prostitute suffers from

Prostitution is one common way of earning money that almost all countries in the world have, it does not matter whether you live in a first world country like United states or in a third world country like the Philippines, it is almost present everywhere. Prostitution is defined as a job wherein a person will have sex with someone he/she does not know in exchange that person will pay her a certain amount of money. It is said that the only difference when a prostitute or a comfort women from a third world country and a first world country is that a comfort woman from a first world country earns more than the woman in the third world.

Indeed, being a comfort woman will surely help the person to earn money, however, like other jobs, there are also consequences that this job can make to the comfort women, consequences that are not usually attained. They usually feel these downsides when they’ re already old. Study shows that being a comfort woman can effect a person physically and emotionally. When a person gets old and was not able to live the life he/she sees during the past, usually has regrets in his/her life, regrets that usually haunt that person that can cause several mental disorder and these happen to comfort women, mostly at their senior age. Some of the examples of mental disorder that a comfort woman attains at a senior age are low self esteem, self destructiveness and guilt. Another factor that causes mental disorder to comfort women not only at a senior age but also even at an early age is whenever they are sexually abused, if a comfort woman is sexually abused, there is a chance that she will have a post stress disorder.

Also, a common sickness that a comfort woman can suffer from are HIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Having multiple sexual partners and having some unprotected sexual intercourse creates a higher chance for a person to attain the said diseases and most likely when they attained it it does not shows its effect at an instant, it will take time for it to show up[ and it usually worsen at the senior age.

Senior Citizen

Senior Citizen



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How to quit smoking during senior stage

quit smoking now

quit smoking now

Vices are defined as a bad behavior or a bad habit that a person learns as he/she grows up. Example of these vices are eating too much fats, drinking alcohol, doing illegal drugs and one of the most common vices that almost half of a population is doing, smoking cigarettes. Every vices has its own bad effect that a person can experience if he/she does not change his/her lifestyle. Eating too much fat will increase the rate of having heart diseases and cholesterol, while drinking too much alcohol will increase the chances of liver diseases, and doing illegal drugs will increase the possibility of attaining brain diseases, however, it is smoking that can result to different types of diseases. If a person does not quit smoking the possible sickness that he/she would experience are heart attack, stroke, bronchitis and cataracts and cancer and these are commonly felt during a person’s senior stage.

Some people think that quitting smoking should be done at an early age and not at a senior age because there would not be any effect if a person quits at an old age, however quitting at a senior stage will still have health benefits for the smoker, indeed it would not be as much as quitting at an early age but it will still help the person to attain any benefits. A way in quitting smoking is to be determined in quitting, the person might have tried to quit years ago and he/she was not able to do it thus feeling less determined so that will just not help him/her in quitting. However one main factor that can help old people into quitting is life experience, example if he/she is already experiencing difficulty in breathing and the doctor have already told that smoking is the reason it is most likely that the person would be awaken to the fact that smoking can brings to him/her and probably he/she will quit.

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The Elderly Having Type 2 Diabetes

What one may not know is that type 2 diabetes for the elderly may cause a lot of complications. It doesn’t even matter if the elderly maintains their blood sugar level. Here are a few common complications among seniors with diabetes and what can be done to prevent it.

  • Vision problems

If high blood sugar is not controlled right away, it may cause sever damage to the blood vessels of the retina. If this happens, blood can get into the eye and obscure the senior’s vision. Although this condition is treatable with laser surgery if caught early on, it is still very serious. To maintain the vision of the senior, it is highly important to check the A1C glucose levels regularly.

  • Hearing loss

When your glucose level is high, the blood vessels and nerve inside the year may be damaged. Make sure to take care of your health properly and if you have any suspicions of hearing loss, it is best to see a doctor right away.

  • Cognitive impairment

The cause of memory loss may be higher blood sugar levels. The high glucose levels damage the neurons in the brain causing these cognitive impairments. With the proper help given to seniors, this impairment may be overstated.

  • Mobility difficulties

Developing never damage or neuropathy is common for seniors with diabetes. Seniors would feel numbness in their feet and toes, as well as pain while sleeping or walking. It is important to remain active through this because exercise may reduce the pain while helping lower blood sugar levels. It’s also vital to check your body for any wounds and to treat them as soon as possible to avoid any infections or amputations.

What occurs in Type 2 Diabetes

What occurs in Type 2 Diabetes

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The Beginning of Malnutrition for the Elderly

Malnutrition can be caused with multiple things. It is important to catch on these causes to detect malnutrition right away and prevent it from happening. Often the causes for malnutrition are:

  1. Health Concerns

Health problems with the elderly can be a bit complicated and cause them to have little to no appetite or trouble eating. Also, certain medications may cause them to feel full and lose their appetite.

  1. Restricted Diets

When a person is told to not eat foods with this and that, a person may feel overwhelmed and have no idea what to eat. With this situation, the elderly will feel somewhat stressed figuring out what to eat causing them not to eat properly.

  1. Limited income

Without the right financial income to purchase good food and expensive medicine, elder people might skip the food and just purchase medicine.

  1. Reduce Social Contact

Elder people often find themselves eating alone which can often be depressing leading to them losing interest in cooking and eating.

  1. Depression

There are a lot of factors that can cause depression among senior people. With everything going on in their lives and feeling like their days are numbers most senior people get depressed and being depressed leads to loss of appetite.

  1. Alcoholism

Drinking a huge amount of alcohol can prevent your body from absorbing the nutrients that it needs.


It’s important to be aware of signs leading to malnutrition because of the serious harm it can do the to health of a senior. Malnutrition can cause the immune system of the elderly to be week and more susceptible to infections. It may also cause for wounds to heal improperly and muscle weakness, which in turn may lead to fractures.

Elderly Malnutrition

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How Seniors usually attain HIV and STDs



There are many sickness that occurs to a person as he/she grows older. It may be caused by just growing old, some runs in the blood, some are caused by accidents but some are just sickness that are passed by other person whether that person is an old person or not. There are many contagious sickness that can make an old person unhealthy and cause his/her death, examples are Cough and Colds, Tuberculosis and two of the most famous contagious sickness are HIV and STDs.

HIV and STDs are contagious diseases that are transferred from the host person to another person not just by normal means, it is transferred via sexual intercourse, which means whenever that person had sex with another person that doesn’t have that disease that person HIV and STDs will be passed also to that person. These sickness works hand in which means if a person has an STD he/she probably have HIV. This sickness does not pick any age to infect, which mean whether a person is a teenager, a young adult, an adult or even an old person, if he/she will have a sexual intercourse with a partner with HIV or STDs he/she will surely be acquiring the sickness.

Indeed old people still receive this kind of sickness, like what they say as a person grows older the sex drive decreases, but that is not what’s happening nowadays. With the combination of their drive for sex and different supplements, like Viagra, an old persons can still be able to be sexually active. And with that sex drive most old males ought to find comfort not with their partner who are commonly as old as they are, but with younger women usually comfort women, or prostitutes and if there will be someone that has a high chance of being sick with STD or HIV those are the prostitutes. With them having sexual intercourse with these comfort women, the old person does not only attain comfort but they also infect themselves with the sickness that the comfort women may be having.


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Common Senior Health Concerns

Along with aging, health becomes a concern. As people get older, the immune system gets weaker and causes the elderly to be more susceptible to diseases. There are a few common diseases that every elderly should look out for.

  1. Arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that is found to be the most common when it comes to people 65 or older. Although this disease may hinder adults from physical activity, it is important to go see a doctor and create a physical activity plan to maintain the health of a senior.

  1. Heart Disease

This disease has been known to be the cause of death for most seniors. Most causes for developing a heart disease are high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It is important to go see a doctor about these things routinely to avoid anything from happening. It is also important to exercise, eat healthy, and get enough rest everyday to continually be a healthy senior.

  1. Cancer

While heart disease may be the leading cause of death among seniors, cancer is the second leading cause. Cancer is often hard to prevent, so it’s important to get routinely checked to catch any early signs of cancer. Also, during treatment, it is a must for the senior to improve the quality of life they are living in order to live a longer life.

  1. Respiratory Diseases

Once a senior has a respiratory disease, other infections are easy to get. It may be the reason why respiratory diseases are the third most common cause of death for seniors. It is necessary for seniors to consume the right medications in order to preserve their senior health.

Maintaining a Happy Life

Maintaining a Happy Life

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Talking to Your Senior Parents About Home Care

Sometimes you just have to admit that your parent’s needs are beyond your capacity and they may need home care to provide that additional senior care that they need. Talking to your parents about home care may be difficult, so here are a few tips on how to bring up the discussion.

  • Check if they are regularly taking their medication

By doing this, you are certain that their anxiety is lower than when they do not take it. You must know that elderly parents can find it very stressful to have a mental disorder.

  • When you start the conversation, make sure it’s at a time all of you are calm

Speaking your mind and having them listen to you with all ears would be much easier when both of you are calm. Make sure to carefully explain to them what your needs are, how beneficial home care is, and BE PREPARED TO COMPROMISE.

  • Take your time explaining to them and be aware of what you are saying

If they seem anxious or emotional about the conversation, it would be best to stop it for now. Don’t take it personally, but they may fear the unknown at the moment.

  • If they refuse at first, don’t give up… find another time to talk to them

This is the same as the last tip. Don’t think that just because they say no once, you can’t try again later. Just wait till the emotions die down and they feel okay to bring it up and talk about it.

  • Handle all the paperwork that you would need to properly care for them

It is important to make sure that your elderly parents are well taken care of. If they are unable to make medical decision by themselves, you might want to make it for them on their behalf. To be able to do this, you must acquire a medical power of attorney.

Senior Home Care

Senior Home Care

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