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A disease that is growing with each year is diabetes. For a lot of senior citizens, this is something that is a real fear. There are ways to try to prevent the onset or the condition from happening.
If you are still in your younger years, and you are not a diabetic, then there is no time like the present to start diabetes prevention. First, get physical! Start a regular activity, it does not have to be gym activity. Just be sure to get at least 40 minutes of physical activity a day. Physical activity can help to lower blood sugar. Get a lot of fiber in your diet and go for whole food. Cutting out preservatives and refined grains and sugars can also go a long way in controlling your sugar levels. This way you can still enjoy your breads and cakes. Simple steps like this can help you prevent diabetes in your later years.


Reality bites: the older a person get the more he/ she has to worry about health problems. The weakening of body function and parts like the joints, bones, and so on…; Chronic diseases such as heart attack, Alzaihmer’s disease, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Asthma and so much more, are just some of the common type of illness most older people suffer. So, if you want to avoid running into these kinds of problems, then it is important that you take good care of yourself and start living a healthy lifestyle regardless of what age you are now. Your everyday life and routine can make all the difference in the quality of your senior health when that time in your life rolls around. Here are the 10 most essential tips to get you started.
1. Be Physically Fit, meaning lose weight if necessary. This can improve your overall health as well as decreases your risk of manifesting serious diseases such as cancer and some brain disorders.
2. Quit Smoking. Many alternative resources you can find to help you quit.
3. Keep active. Regular exercise is the key.
4. Prevent Skin cancer by avoiding too much sun exposure.
5. Have a regular dental, hearing and vision checkup.
6. Be updated on immunization and other preventive health screenings.
7. Avoid drinking sodas. Water is the best. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
8. To improve your appetite, you may add herbs and spices in the food you eat.
9. Increase the amount of nutrients in your diet. Take more calcium to prevent osteoporosis, Vitamin B 12 to prevent poor memory condition.
10. Learn to handle pressure and stress. Make time for friends, socialize and mingle. Always be positive and try considering yoga in your exercise.
Trivia: I remember when I was travelling in Thailand,(where I even get a chance to learn Thai languages) I was so confused that the age of people most working in the stores, food chains, restaurants and hotels are not over 50 years old I think, most especially outside Bangkok. A Thai friend of mine told me that older people in many Southeast Asia cities just have to stay at or close to home. Maybe having more rest for older people is also an ideal senior health tips that should be included in the list- just saying.


Aging is something every one of us fears, mainly because we merely cannot fight it. All of us will grow old, have gray hairs, be forgetful and be sick – yes be sick. It’s no secret to any of us that with aging come health problems. Here are some of the most common senior diseases that ruin our good times as senior citizens. Read on:

Arthritis Is the inflammation of one or more joints of our body that causes pain and stiffness. There are more than 100 different forms of arthritis; the usual one that seniors suffer with is osteoarthritis.

Diabetes Is when someone’s blood sugar is in an unstable moment. It can rise and decline any moment causing people to be full of energy and then very low in energy. Other symptoms are increased thirst and hunger, weight loss and fatigue. Diabetes type 2 is the most common among seniors.

Alzheimer’s Disease This disease is most often diagnosed in seniors over 65 years of age and older. It is the most common form of dementia and memory loss. Some studies suggest pharmaceutical products, cardiovascular risk, or lacks of mind-challenging activities are the main causes of Alzheimers.

Heart Failure As the name suggest it is the failure of the heart, cause by different cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension. The most common symptoms are shortness of breath, ankle swelling, and coughing.

Parkinson’s Disease This is a disorder of the central nervous system that affects motor skills, cognitive processes and other functions. Parkinson’s most often affects people 60 years of age and older, although it can affect younger people, too, like actor Michael J. Fox. The most common symptoms include tremors, joint stiffness, slowness or absence of movement, difficulty with speech and swallowing, as well as fatigue and gait and balance disturbances.


There is more and more attention given to cancer prevention and vaccination lately which is a wonderful thing. Cancer remains one of the top three killers worldwide so it is important that this disease gets talked about and taken seriously by everyone from all ages.

Perhaps we can thanks Angelina Jolie and Giuliana Rancic for the spotlight specifically on breast and ovarian cancer lately. Angelina Jolie recently shared with the public her decision to undergo an operation for a double mastectomy because she found she carried a gene that increased her risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer to 80%. Giuliana Rancic was also very open about her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment on her E! reality show.

But apart from these high profile cases, it is important that everyone get educated about the different cancers, get the vaccinations available for prevention, and get regularly checked. These steps go a long way toward increasing life expectancy and decreasing risk of developing the disease.


Aging well is something that we all want to do. And the key to that is to stay healthy as possible. Thinking about the old adage ‘you are what you eat’ fits best here. Eating the right kind of food, the right amount of food, and the right number of meals is important to growing old well. But this does not mean that the older you get, the more restrictive or uninteresting the diet must be. We only live once after all and, young or old, we need to enjoy as well.


Remember the kind of food that adds to health is one of the best markers. Food rich in vitamins will boost the immunity and fight against toxins. Food that is rich in fiber and reduced the risks of heart disease, bone disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol means choosing the kind of calorific food to be ingested. Leafy vegetables and bright fruit, nuts and fish which are rich in omega-3 will also help fight Alzheimer’s and improve focus. Taking in whole grain meals also improve not only the way you feel but the way you look.


As you grow older, you begin to think more and more about your health and overall fitness. The ideal thing would be to think of this and build this from your twenties, even earlier. But realities of life, work, and family often overshadow this. If you find yourself at the doorstep of your twilight years, as they call it, and feel unfit, do not fret. The good thing is that it is never too late to get into the habit of exercise.

First recognize that you are not in your twenties so, unless you really have been taking care to stay fit since then, chances are you will not enjoy or even be able to fully do high impact classes like Zumba or pole dancing. Choose something that you can manage at your age and fitness level. Classes like Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, activities like swimming and walking are some of the many exercises that you can take to improve fitness in your senior years.

Whatever you choose, getting daily exercise will surely be good for you.


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Centuries ago, the life expectancy of an old person can take hundreds of years. This is because of their lifestyle. Today, the life expectancy went to a lower rate and this is also because of the lifestyle. The way we treat our bodies quantifies the longevity of our life.

Of course, the more bad stuff you take in your system, the higher the risk of getting early signs of aging, diseases or worse, death.  This issue greatly affects a lot of people, especially the elders. With this dilemma, government, organizations and family members are making a stand to stop or prevent fast aging with the help of research and technology. This lead a lot of people to be aware of health issues and start to be health conscious to be in the best shape and to live a quality life.

However, there are some instances that we cannot control. Situations like elders experiencing one of the most common diseases, gout. Gout is a type of arthritis. It is said to cause unbearable pain that can lead to immobility. It is appears to be swollen as joint is inflamed because of the uric acid build up. Although, you do not need to go to any massage therapy Thai school or attend any Thai classes just to be relieved from the pain. The answer to completely say goodbye to your gout is to simply avoid foods that contains purines. This may sound easy but it is hard because you might be used to eating a certain food that you suddenly cannot take. This is why it is important to get support from the reliable people around you, who well help you get through the food eradication process. Also, always drink water and exercise. You may always hear this but having a balanced lifestyle is necessary.

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If you are classified as a ‘senior citizen’ I am sure there is a list of illnesses in your mind you have been preparing to fight, to prevent, to manage. I am wondering if asthma is part of this list. I am thinking it might not be. Asthma is often a sickenss or a respiratory condition one associates with children or something you may develop in your early thirties. It is also a generally under-diagnosed senior citizen condition.


Asthma in seniors is sometimes overshadowed by other serious and more common elderly sicknesses. Some of these sicknesses include bronchitis, COPD, and Chronic Sinus Disease. This can lead up very slowly and can be present even if the person has no prior history of asthma. The thing to do here is to have a check up as soon as persistent coughing is present. At a later age it can be dangerous to take over-the-counter medicine so it is best to consult with a doctor as soon as any cough gets bad.


Aging can be a tough thing on a lot of people. Ask those who lead full and busy lives and they will tell you they usually do not notice the years creep in until they are are right upon them. This may not be a bad thing but there are steps a person needs to take to make sure that he or she is in good health as he or she advances in years. Nutritional requirements and exercise requirements are two things that change as a person grows older.

One condition a lot of older women suffer from is Osteoporosis. This is a bone condition and usually means a lack of calcium leading to bone density deterioration. It can cause changes in posture and physical discomfort. It is most common in women. Women need to make a conscious effort to take in more Vitamin D and calcium as the years pass by in order for the bones to remain strong. Regular check ups can also help monitor calcium levels and save any bone deterioration.



Researchers from the University of Michigan said that beta cell function declines with old age. This causes impaired insulin secretion, leading to diabetes. They say that a sedentary lifestyle has similar effects to eating junk food and smoking when it comes to acquiring diabetes and heart disease.

However, there maybe hope for them yet. Another study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, states that even short-term exercise positively affects the beta cell function and therefore increases insulin sensitivity. The findings show that after exercising, there was a 53 percent increase in insulin sensitivity and 28 percent improvement in beta cell function.