Asthma Later in Life

If you are classified as a ‘senior citizen’ I am sure there is a list of illnesses in your mind you have been preparing to fight, to prevent, to manage. I am wondering if asthma is part of this list. I am thinking it might not be. Asthma is often a sickenss or a respiratory condition one associates with children or something you may develop in your early thirties. It is also a generally under-diagnosed senior citizen condition.


Asthma in seniors is sometimes overshadowed by other serious and more common elderly sicknesses. Some of these sicknesses include bronchitis, COPD, and Chronic Sinus Disease. This can lead up very slowly and can be present even if the person has no prior history of asthma. The thing to do here is to have a check up as soon as persistent coughing is present. At a later age it can be dangerous to take over-the-counter medicine so it is best to consult with a doctor as soon as any cough gets bad.