Decrease Your Chances Of Getting Senior Diseases

Reality bites: the older a person get the more he/ she has to worry about health problems. The weakening of body function and parts like the joints, bones, and so on…; Chronic diseases such as heart attack, Alzaihmer’s disease, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Asthma and so much more, are just some of the common type of illness most older people suffer. So, if you want to avoid running into these kinds of problems, then it is important that you take good care of yourself and start living a healthy lifestyle regardless of what age you are now. Your everyday life and routine can make all the difference in the quality of your senior health when that time in your life rolls around. Here are the 10 most essential tips to get you started.
1. Be Physically Fit, meaning lose weight if necessary. This can improve your overall health as well as decreases your risk of manifesting serious diseases such as cancer and some brain disorders.
2. Quit Smoking. Many alternative resources you can find to help you quit.
3. Keep active. Regular exercise is the key.
4. Prevent Skin cancer by avoiding too much sun exposure.
5. Have a regular dental, hearing and vision checkup.
6. Be updated on immunization and other preventive health screenings.
7. Avoid drinking sodas. Water is the best. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
8. To improve your appetite, you may add herbs and spices in the food you eat.
9. Increase the amount of nutrients in your diet. Take more calcium to prevent osteoporosis, Vitamin B 12 to prevent poor memory condition.
10. Learn to handle pressure and stress. Make time for friends, socialize and mingle. Always be positive and try considering yoga in your exercise.
Trivia: I remember when I was travelling in Thailand,(where I even get a chance to learn Thai languages) I was so confused that the age of people most working in the stores, food chains, restaurants and hotels are not over 50 years old I think, most especially outside Bangkok. A Thai friend of mine told me that older people in many Southeast Asia cities just have to stay at or close to home. Maybe having more rest for older people is also an ideal senior health tips that should be included in the list- just saying.